Month: April 2015


Dr Jump rope provides services to educate those who teach physical education theory as well as practical jump rope and split rope applications to sports and fitness concepts. Below represents the sequence of steps that taken on the types of workshops offered by Dr. Jump rope WORKSHOP SERIES NUMBER 1 THEORY- Number 1 workshop addresses […]

Jump on the eight steps to success

Dr Jumprope reveals is 8 steps of success that go him through some of his challenging moments in life. It Release date June 1, 2015 If you pre-order Dr Jumprope will email you step one on April 15th (tax day) Pre-order 14.95 Regular is 24.95

I am not crazy, I am just different With several personalities

(Dr Jumprope a jump rope master ) Reveals his thoughts and experiences and encounters before we knew he was bipolar in the course of action that he’s taken depressing. As you read it you will find it to be a roller coaster ride as most bipolar people are from him understand and learn how to […]