Dr. Jump Rope is a visionary in jumping rope and sports training.

Dr. jump rope has trained world champion athletes such as Patrick Ewing, Alonzo Mourning, Dikembe Mutombo, Rory Hibbert, Hassim Rahman, and fitness professional Donna Richardson. He has also trained NCAA basketball, volleyball, and soccer teams, and every day people who thought they couldn’t even jump rope – but now can put their teenagers to shame.Dr. Jump Rope has also appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America Show, various ESPN programs, on radio, and appeared in publications ranging from People Magazine (as one of the Amazing Americans), SELF, Men’s Health, The Washington Post, and the Chicago Tribune.Dr. Jump Rope has raced in marathons while jumping rope. And if you ever see someone walking with the jump rope, you can be sure that they were taught by the master himself.

How It All Started…

30-years ago, while looking for a way to cram in some workout time during college, he started jumping rope. But the innovative and inventive trained accountant wondered why everyone jumped rope essentially the same way – in place doing the same repetitive movements.Yes, a phenomenal workout, but boring and unable to work the body in a multitude of ways. And surely not allowing for freedom to move openly.Kenny quickly figured out that there was a big problem with the way everyone jumped rope. That is if you wanted to really move.So after studying how athletes moved, he quickly figured out what the problem was and how to fix it.

“It was one of those moments that ‘Aha’ moments.

Eye-opening yet so simple.The missing link was twirling the rope backwards instead of forwards. Kenny quickly figured out that by twirling the rope backwards, he was able to move virtually identically to the way an athlete would move in any sport.Soon people started seeing this guy walking with the jump rope just like they would walk without the jump rope. Basketball players would see him moving on a basketball court just like they would playing defense – but with the jump rope.But not satisfied, Kenny figured out other simple but profound adjustments in terms of technique, and even how to hold the rope. He developed innovative teaching and training tools like his Clock method from his sessions with athletes like Patrick Ewing.The one thing trumps Dr. Jump Rope’s amazing ability to jump is his ability to teach. From rambunctious children to out of shape business executives, Dr. Jump Rope is able to teach his methods in one simple session.

The Birth Of Dr. Jump Rope…

Dr. Jump Rope was bestowed this name by his partner and early student Mark Fitzpatrick. It was 1989 when they first met. Mark was a field goal kicker in college, and Kenny was looking to teach his innovative new method for jumping rope to athletes.When he worked with some of the players on Mark’s college football team (Bowie State University), the two instantly connected. Mark had always trained in more creative and sport-specific ways, and could see the power of Kenny’s training style.Shortly thereafter, he dubbed him Dr. Jump Rope. The name stuck, and has certainly grown in relevance over the years.

The Mission…

More recently, Dr. Jump Rope faced one obstacle that made him put his rope down – albeit for less than half the time the doctors thought it would be. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2011 and forced to put a hold on his teachings. He underwent surgery in the spring of 2012, and emerged one month later jumping rope with more passion than ever.He quickly entered into multiple marathons, and amazed people by completing five marathons over five months with the jump rope and the Split Rope., one of Dr. Jump Rope’s newest ventures. The Split Rope is a revolutionary sports training tool used to optimize your workouts and body.Dr. Jump Rope encourages people to find balance within their lives. Get up and get moving. Eat healthy and nourish the body as it needs.