ING Miami Marathon

Make Big Jumps By Conquering Your Biggest Fear Faster

It was just minutes before the start of the ING Miami Marathon, and I didn’t know what I was going to do…

But something was in my gut. It was churning. In the mission to jump rope 48 marathons in two years to raise awareness for cancer (I’m dealing with it myself), what I do is unique. Sometimes I use what I call a Split Rope. You can see that in the video below (on South Beach).

But just minutes before the marathon, my gut was screaming out load to pick up the jump rope. And so I did. You can see the other runners walking towards the start.

I followed my gut. It was grueling. It was amazing. And I’m now a few months ahead of my plan to jump rope the entire marathon.

Listen to your gut. If it’s a whisper to do something, turn up the volume and do it! Might not be easy, but the result will move you faster towards your goal than just plodding along. This was my biggest victory at the ING Miami Marathon.

Now I have an amazing Reference I can draw upon. An absolute belief based on doing!

Give yourself the same with something you’re going after. And do it today!