Split Rope

Introducing the Split Rope

Dear Health Conscious Reader,
I’m jumping up and down about finally releasing the revolutionary Split Rope training system. After training some of the world’s greatest athletes how to jump rope like no one else had ever seen, I realized that jumping rope has some limitations. Most people still are afraid to jump rope. They don’t believe they can do it well enough. And no one wants to look silly. Right? Two, jumping rope in place is boring, and jumping full out the Dr. J way requires space.
BLOW THOSE TWO LIMITATIONS UP! The Split Rope let’s anyone who can move their arms to get most of the benefits of jumping rope and MORE. As the video above shows, and you will soon experience, you can turbo charge virtually any workout – walking, running, indoor cycling, dancing, and even watching tv! Look at people today, and most are so tight and hunched forward from work and school. Even 5-minutes of the Split Rope will open up your body and relax your mind. I guarantee it!
Dr. Jump Rope


Live Longer and Stronger

And our modern world requires us to sit a lot. And studies now show all this sitting literally decreases your life span. It shortens the telomeres that control aging. Now, I can’t stand here and say the Split Rope will make you look younger, feel younger, and live longer. But you can decide for yourself, and along you can also intelligently see how quality of life also comes into play.

Take a look around and you’re already seeing teenagers with necks and shoulders pushed forward of the body’s optimal design. This equates to tense muscles, headaches for some, and future pain and lack of mobility for most.

The Split Rope opens up your entire upper body, counteracting the negative effects of hunching forward. And it gives you the movement your arms, shoulders, and back must have to stay healthy long term. And yes, you can get enormous benefits in just minutes.


Turbo Charge Any Workout

Revolutionary training system created to simultaneously strengthen and tone major muscle groups such as the abdominals, erector spinae, quads, glutes and hamstrings.

Dr. Jump Rope changed the way we jump rope forever by realizing that when you turn the rope backwards, you are able to use the rope in ways never imagined.

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