Dr Jump rope provides services to educate those who teach physical education theory as well as practical jump rope and split rope applications to sports and fitness concepts. Below represents the sequence of steps that taken on the types of workshops offered by Dr. Jump rope


    THEORY- Number 1 workshop addresses the most fundamental elements of split roping. Individuals will find it a real eye opener because it is the primer to jump roping. It corrects many of the beliefs in jump roping that will be proved incorrect. This is the foundation of Dr. Jump Rope’s Concept of Split Rope Revolution. This would be a great workshop to attend to correctly learn how to add a great full body, coordination and balance workout. It is a great tool to add to your fitness inventory. Dr. Jump Rope will discuss the follow:

    1. Should Split Roping be turned forward versus backward?
    2. Should elbows be hung at 90% from the side of the body versus free flowing away from the side?
    3. Should the Split Rope be turned from the wrists, elbows or shoulders?
    4. Should you jump from the balls of your foot? From your toes? from modified flat?Or from totally
    5. What is the correct method to determine the perfect length on the split rope?
    6. Why if I am right hand dominant then my left hand does not what to work? And if I am left hand dominant that my right hand does not want to work?
    7. Guess how many applications you can apply the Split Rope
      a. Under 10
      b. Under 20
      c. Under 40
      d. Over 50
    8. Participants will learn how to Split Rope
    9. Quiz
      Dr. Jump Rope’s Split Rope Theory Quiz
      1. With method works the most muscles? Turning Forward versus Backwards
      2. Which method increases risk of shin splits? Forward versus Backwards
      3. Which method helps posture and oxygen uptake? Forward versus Backwards
      4. Which method works mainly the wrist and outer deltoid? Forward versus Backwards
      5. Should yours arms be at 90% angles at your side? Yes or no
      6. Should you turn the Split rope by using your biceps and shoulders? Yes or no
      7. Are there really Four foot positions when split roping? Yes or no
      8. Can you have functional balance when split roping Forwards versus Backwards?
      9. Can you have omni directional movement while split roping
      10. Can you Split Rope other than standing stationary? Yes or no

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